Iceland: the ecoleather that doesn’t overheat thanks to the Refreshing Finish

Thanks to the incessant research focused on enhancing the performance of the outdoor products Socovena & Mapla developed a finish that, in addition to the well-known properties of UV and abrasion resistance, does not absorb the heat generated by the UV on the ecoleathers.

This finish – refreshing finish– reduces the heat of over the 20% on the surface that comes into contact with the body.

This means that it is possible to use dark colors also for the outdoor upholstery.

In this way, it is possible to use colors aesthetically pleasing without compromising the practicality and the use of the cushion.

Iceland ecoleather collection is available in the colors shown in the color cards. It is also possible to produce tailor-made colors.
On request Socovena&Mapla can provide you the fireproof version of Iceland and for the national and international certifications.

All the Socovena & Mapla products obtained the Reach Certification required in Europe for the ecoleather production.


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