For the first time at METS the newest Socovena & Mapla eco leather “River”

the texture reminds the flowing water rippled by the wind. It will be available in more than 20 colors according to the present future trends.“River Tex” is the printed version of River. The skillful use of bicolor printing add to the eco leather a veritable textile effect. River is 100% made in Italy that does not contain phthalates and solvents, therefore there is no danger of the release carcinogenic substances as many synthetic leathers produced abroad which still contain substances strictly forbidden in Italy.

The second novelty that Socovena & Mapla will present at METS

is a rich range of polyester fabrics “Frozen”, “Brunello”, “Nobile”
and “Vermentino” The collection is suitable for indoor and outdoor, it is anti-stain treated, UV- resistant and anti-mold!

Last but not least “Windy”

a three-dimensional fabric in polyester supplied in width 200cm and thickness from 5 to 20 mm, perfect for mattress insulation both internally and externally.

Tessuto in PVC Socovena Mapla per la nautica