Soft Dream the terry cotton fabric for outdoor cushions and fenders

Socovena Mapla’s woven terry fabric Soft Dream meets the needs of comfort, quality and strength required for the outside cushion linings.
It’s color range is very rich, and for an exclusive, unique and custom made cushion – and fenders – Soft Dream may be embroidered with the logo of the yacht or the shipyard or any other preferred design. Quality and tailor-made details, the perfect match!

Sunbathing cushions are usually made of simili-leather (in PVC) or non-breathable waterproof fabrics. For a greater comfort, it is recommended to dress them with a removable, washable, soft and comfortable woven terry fabric as the classic cotton bath towel.

Considering the outdoor environment in general, and the marine one in particular, the linings must have certain technical requirements so to be durable, resistant to UV, sea water and to frequent washing.

Socovena Mapla’s Soft Dream is recommended for outdoor use because:

a) It is dyed with the Indanthrene method and therefore it is UV-resistant
If you do not want to run into unpleasant and indelible incidents, if you do not want your lining to fade the Indanthrene dyeing method is a must. It is recommended so to avoid the discoloring of dark colors on clothing and cushion covers!
Please note: optical white color cannot be dyed with the Indanthrene method so over time it may undergo a slight yellowing.

b)Soft Dream is a 100% technical fabric
Even if it’s soft on one side – because it sheared so not to get entangled – it is a hard-wearing fabric abrasion-resistant

c) Soft Dream has the ideal weight, therefore it is more resistant and durable
To ensure resistance and comfort, the weight of the terry fabric should not be less than 550gr/lm.

d) Soft Dream is also available in the elasticized version: so to be also water-repellent!
Soft Dream does not slide from the fenders when they are drenched!!

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