The perfect maintenance of yachting ecoleather cushions

Emanuele Donald Zenoni, Director of Canale Italia Yachtlife, interviews Paolo Sironi, owner of Socovena & Mapla, on the maintenance of eco-leather upholstery and yacht fabrics.

What NOT to do?

1 Do not use a pressure washer because the temperature at 90 ° destroys the eco-leather: it flattens the embossing and removes the protective finish with the result that, in a very short time, molds are formed and the ecoleather will absorb the color and will remain stained.

2 Do not use aggressive products, usually those used for cleaning the house, which remove the finish of the fake leathers.

How should the correct maintenance of eco-leather cushions be done?


1 – Maintenance must be done regularly! 🙂

2 – Whenever possible, the pillow must be aired by removing it.

a) It is necessary to ventilate the inside of the cushion, the support and the external part, the eco-leather upholstery.
If there are specks of mold or fungus in the texture of the support it is necessary to brush it with water and bleach in order to remove the mold immediately.

b) The external part of the faux leather upholstery should be cleaned with neutral soap or with the shampoos used to wash the car: they remove dirt without damaging the finish protection

c) The inside of the pillow must be dry, so we suggest the padding in closed cell so that the water is not absorbed.
The bottom of the pillow should be of breathable material – such as mesh – so that the moisture comes out.

3- In winter it is important to position the cushions vertically so that they can transpire ….